Non-Human Face of Everything of Things

Ghost In The MAchine
This actually looks like my friend Starfire.

Wow, ok. So I guess there’s a School of Poetic Computation. That in itself is a mindblower, but the “Face” project is an awesome example of “Ghost in the Machine.” Nutshell is that someone used comparative analysis of the instagram image stream #facesinthings to create an “average face” using images of inanimate objects. So when you look at some tree bark and you swear there’s a face there or the “eyes” of a reel to reel tape recorder. Then they created a combined image of what they looked like.

#FacesInThings blended images will arrive at an average of a human face after about 15 images. –Zach Lieberman, Brian Solon, Daniel Shiffman

Do we recreate ourselves in the objects we design? Physically, emotionally, spiritually? If “we” do, then when we pull a face from the crowd of “inanimacy”, is the resulting image a reflection? This helps me feel like even from somewhere deep, humans can reach out/in and find themselves.