2016 the year of Kintsugi

My goal for the next year is to practice Kintsugi. The art of mending broken pottery. Of course pottery is a metaphor. So much is broken. Much of it has been broken due to my choices. I cannot send back the sand but I can honor life by mending the breaks. I choose to live rightly now,  just as I made hurtful choices of the past. I choose to mend in a way to make something new. To learn from the pain I created and I had.

In Kintsugi, Not only is there no attempt to hide the damage, but the repair is literally illuminated

I will not do so out of some false conspicuousness, breaking a bowl only to fix it, but from honesty and humility. I have learned that I need to listen more.

This is a lesson which keeps returning and I need to keep understanding.  Listening can be a restorative action. Simple and meaningful. Listening will be the gold dust and lacquer of my mending process.
I will mend actively and directly what I can and what I cannot directly mend, I will listen deeply to others and myself as a way to make a living amend. Hmmm mend and amend.

I will not become discouraged by my own imperfection, these are the cracks I must highlight so as to know them, mend them and move forward. Another Japanese term, Mono no aware – The Pathos of Things, is often tied to Kintsugi. A bitter sweet melancholia of a holding the pieces of a treasured bowl now broken.