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Midnight Oil

Chris Bacigalupo : June 2, 2016 10:03 am : Collaboration, Technology

So I guess I’ve been too busy to update here. Thats good but, I have to be better about taking time to reflect and reiterate. Speaking of iteration, after weeks of some serious forehead-to-brick-wall-ery, I was finally able to get beyond a hurdle. As we all know that means there’s a better view of the hurdles ahead but it’s also one step further down the road. Mr. Rob MacKay from SLC way gave me some much needed assistance in grokkking the weirding modules of Express and Jade. This is the current development environment for a web app product I have in mind. This represents me taking control of my professional life by becoming entrepreneurial.

I need to author a elevator-speech, single bullet to describe this thing, So far “enterprise overlay of Basecamp 3” works best for super short description.  So in the interest of keeping it brief and getting a post out, That’s all for now.

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