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Thanks for taking a look at my resume. I’m excited to share my experience with your team.

About Me

Technical | Creative | Producer

I thrive on connecting with everyone in an enterprise, bringing them comfort through understanding, listening and together helping them excel in their practice, and translate that excellence to their clients and customers. I’m a forward looking, action in the present, and learn from the past person. I have years of experience with enterprise technology specifically in web engineering, change (growth) management, and communications. I have direct enterprise experience in many industry standard frameworks, systems, and tools.

I am a systems thinker and 360° viewer, who is driven by using integration and innovation to create efficiency and value in IT processes.

I have been involved in all levels of enterprise network technology and am a true IT polymath. I’m an eager learner and will not rest until I’m the “go-to-guy” in the team. I’m meticulous, curious and effervescent. I have vast experience with back end, middleware and front facing  means and methods. I am a digital native with an “old school” work ethic.

Applicable Employment History

07/14 – present:

Self – Employed, IT Contractor


It has been exciting to be entrepreneurial, it has allowed me the chance to get to know a diverse group of clients. Recently I’ve assisted SwimCreative , a Duluth MN advertising and marketing agency in their attempts to upgrade their physical and enterprise systems. We’ve implemented Google Apps for Business and Basecamp3 for project management. It’s rewarding to be a part of the process of change.

Duties / Services: 

Web Engineering / Design / Hosting, UNIX Server, LAMP-J Stack / Middleware Admin, Googleverse Admin, Angular, Node.js, Multi Media Production / AR & VR / WebGL Animation / Distributed Collaboration and Productivity Implementation and Support / Mobile and Web App Development / Project Implementation / Engagement / Gamification / Game Development / Interactive Storytelling, PM & CRM Enterprise Efficiency Engineering, API / RESTful / Web Services, Data Science & Visualization / Predictive Analytics and Social Intelligence

09/09 ­- 07/14: College of St. Scholastica


At CSS I have had the honor and opportunity to take the skills and talents I’ve developed over my professional (and personal) career and apply them in a challenging and rewarding environment. The work I’ve done in the implementation of both Google Apps for Edu and the enterprise portal were technically, and organizationally, challenging,  and also some of the most rewarding. I’ve developed a significant IT skill set related to enterprise application development and creating engaged communities on the web.

Duties / Services: 

Portal and Systems Administrator, Project Manager, Authentication and Identity Architect, Integration Operative, Digital Community Producer


Architect and Implement Integrated Enterprise Portal System, Implement Single Sign On and Identity Management infrastructure, Administer and Maintain a 12+ server Development, Test , and Production Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Tomcat / Apache Environment, Manage Migration to Google Applications, General Technology Support for Education and Enterprise in Higher Education, Identify, Explore and Evaluate Emerging Technologies. Identify and Realize Opportunities for Multidisciplinary and Cross Functional Efficiencies, Develop and Foster Digital Community.

  •     Managing, administering and ongoing support of a migration from legacy email and calendaring systems to Google Apps / Cloud based applications for email, calendaring and productivity applications.
  •     Developing through practice, professional development and self ­study industry standard skills in:

○     Linux / Unix server administration (RHEL)

○     Spring / Hibernate Java Database Connectivity

○     Tomcat / Apache web server administration

○     Java & Groovy on Grails Application development

○     RESTful and Web Service API Development

○     Authentication, Authorization and Federation Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Administration

○     SSL Certificate processes

  •     Creation, Implementation and ongoing Maintenance of Institutional Communication plans and policy related to Information Technologies and Change Management
  •     Utilizing Analytics and Metrics for Data Driven Decision Making
  •     Gamification for Enterprise Engagement
  •     Developed a visceral understanding of the challenges associated with enterprise evolution and technological change

07/02 -­ 09/09: Harbor City International School

Duties / Services:

Technical Coordinator / Technology Instructor / Student Advisor / Help Desk / Incident Documentation


Design, Implement, Maintain Educational Information and Technology Environment – Including Dynamic Networking, School Operations, User Accounts and System Security, Wireless Access. Instruct technology / web development, Encourage and Facilitate Students and Staff the Use and Acceptance of Technology, Support Staff Curriculum Needs, Coordinate Internal and External Communications.

04/00 – ­05/02: Murphy McGinnis Interactive


My work at Murphy McGinnis Interactive allowed me to call myself a technologist. While all of my previous professional and artistic efforts involved some form of technology, this was the first time I was professionally involved with using the internet as a platform for communication and engagement. I also was able to bring my coding skills to telling client stories. Some notable activities with elements of college level learning include:

Duties / Services:

Web Developer / Media Specialist / Interactive Producer

HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Site Development, Project Management, Client Relationship ­Support, Graphic Design


  •     Co-­developed, administered and maintained a proprietary secure client accessible content management system
  •     Portal administration / Content Strategy for city wide portal
  •     Design, Implementation and Administration of First Generation Web Based Video Media Server
  •     Daily Production of Web Video News Segments ( in 1999!)
  •     Code and create template driven websites based on communication objectives identified through a project management process
  •     Account / Client Management
  •     Technology Strategy Development / Change Management in Print Journalism

You may have questions about my work or personal history. I live values based lifestyle in Duluth, MN with my wife and daughter (and 2 border collies). In my work and life, I am transparent, collaborative and constructive.