Technical, Creative, Producer, Innovator.

07/14 – Present: NoblEffort

Self – Employed, IT Contractor

Web Engineering / Design / Hosting, UNIX Server, LAMP-J Stack / Middleware Admin, Googleverse Admin, New – Multi Media Production / AR & VR / WebGL / Animation, Distributed Collaboration and Productivity Implementation and Support, Mobile and Web App Development / Implementation / Maintenance, Engagement / Gamification / Game Development / Interactive Storytelling, PM & CRM Enterprise Efficiency Engineering, API / RESTful / Web Services, Data Science & Visualization / Predictive Analytics and Social Intelligence, Using Technology to Heal

It’s exciting to be entrepreneurial, it allows me the chance to get to know a diverse group of clients. Recently I’ve assisted SwimCreative , a Duluth MN advertising and marketing agency in their attempts to upgrade their physical and enterprise systems. We’ve implemented Google Apps for Business and Basecamp3 for project management. It’s rewarding to be a part of the process of change.

09/09 ­- 07/14: College of St. Scholastica

System Administrator, Project Manager, Authentication and Identity Architect, Digital Community Producer, Innovation Evangelist

Architect and Implement Integrated Enterprise Portal System, Implement Single Sign On and Identity Management infrastructure, Administer and Maintain a 12+ server Development, Test , and Production Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Tomcat / Apache Environment, Manage Migration to Google Applications, General Technology Support for Education and Enterprise in Higher Education, Identify, Explore and Evaluate Emerging Technologies as Effecting Higher Education. Identify and Realize Opportunities for Multidisciplinary and Cross Functional Efficiencies, Develop and Foster Digital Community, Innovate at All Cost.

At CSS I have had the honor and opportunity to take the skills and talents I’ve developed over my professional (and personal) career and apply them in a challenging and rewarding environment. The work I’ve done in the implementation of both Google Apps for Edu and the enterprise portal have been the most technically, and politically, challenging of my life and also the some of most rewarding. I’ve developed a significant IT skill set related to enterprise systems administration, architecture and application development and project management. Especially related to Enterprise Server Side Java. Some notable activities with elements of college level learning include:

    Managing, administering and ongoing support of a migration from legacy email and calendaring systems to Google Apps / Cloud based applications for email, calendaring and productivity applications.

    Developing through practice, professional development and self ­study industry standard skills in:

    Linux / Unix server administration

    Spring / Hibernate Java Database Connectivity

    Tomcat / Apache web server administration

    Java & Groovy on Grails Application development

    RESTful and Web Service API Development

    Authentication, Authorization and Federation Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Administration

    SSL Certificate processes

    Creation, Implementation and ongoing Maintenance of Institutional Communication plans and policy related to Information Technologies and Change Management

    Utilizing Analytics and Metrics for Data Driven Decision Making

    Gamification for Enterprise Engagement

    Developed a visceral understanding of the challenges associated with enterprise evolution and technological change

07/02 -­ 09/09: Harbor City International School

Technical Coordinator / Technology Instructor / Student Advisor

Design, Implement, Maintain Educational Information and Technology Environment – Including Dynamic Networking, School Operations, User Accounts and System Security, Wireless Access. Instruct, Facilitate and Encourage Students and Staff in the Use and Acceptance of Technology, Support Staff Curriculum Needs, Coordinate Internal and External Communications.

This is where I truly discovered my vocation.

Some notable activities with elements of college level learning include:

    Implemented and Administered mandated computer based yearly testing for state reporting

    Designed, implemented, maintained and expanded an innovative open source information infrastructure based on Linux Terminal Services

    2/1 student to computer ratio

    Custom designed workstations, which were then built by the students

    Roaming Profiles, LDAP, Centralized File system and Linux/Windows Cross platform access

    Created and Implemented Student and Family on-boarding and advisement processes which

    Insuring, within the letter of state law, incoming students and families understood unique nature of the learning community

    Were directly exposed to the nature of work and assessment in which they would be expected to participate

    Resulted in significant student success and significant reduction in discipline issues

    Designed, refined and taught a technologies fundamentals curriculum to all 9th graders. “Tech Fu” satisfing half of the district required technology credit requirement

    modules in support of learning objectives included Keyboarding, Productivity Applications Platform (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation) competencies, Computer Basics, Media / Internet Literacy

    Document / writing skills integrated with concurrent objectives in language arts courses

    I worked with a master teacher as a mentor. Satisfied U of M student teaching / in­-classroom requirements for degree work in vocational technical education licensure

    Designed, Project Managed, and Oversaw initial use and integration into school state of the art, $750,000 theater space

    Used architect CAD tools to create 3D initial design renderings for the performance / lecture / Cinema space in the 2nd floor of the Harbor City school

    Designed, purchased technology theater and sound reinforcement systems for ADA compliance

04/00 – ­05/02: Murphy McGinnis Interactive

Web Developer / Media Specialist / Interactive Producer

HTML, DHTML, CSS, CGI/PERL, PHP, JavaScript, VRML, Flash, Windows

Media Services, RealMedia Tools, Site Construction, Project Management, Client Relationship ­Support, Graphic Design, Media Conversion, Video/Audio Compression

My work at Murphy McGinnis Interactive allowed me to call myself a technologist. While all of my previous professional and artistic efforts involved some form of technology, this was the first time I was professionally involved with storytelling using the internet as a medium. I also was able to use and grow my coding skills. Some notable activities with elements of college level learning include:

    Co-­developed, administered and maintained a proprietary secure client accessible content management system

    Portal administration / Content Strategy for city wide portal

    Design, Implementation and Administration of First Generation Web Based Video Media Server

    Daily Production of Web Video News Segments ( in 1999!)

    Code  and create template driven websites based on communication objectives identified through a project management process

    Account / Client Management

    Technology Strategy Development / Change Management in Print Journalism Industry


Work I did at Murphy McGinnis Interactive gave me the skills and confidence I needed to become a technology professional. This was my first exposure to information technology as the primary means of achieving business objectives.

The following employment experiences can be grouped into a Media Production Category.


The experiences I had while working at the following represent a great deal of what might be termed vocational skill development. From artistic videography, lighting design for film and field audio production to Emmy award winning artistic digital compositing, production advancement and logistics I use skills I developed in this category every day.

Unless specifically noted, college level learning which occurred during my time at these jobs include the following:

    Project Management

    Client Communications

    Media Production

    Script Writing ­ Editing

    Budget development

    Grant Writing / Reporting

1/99­ – 04/00: WDSE TV Videographer/Editor/Digital Compositor

“Seasons of Change” Long Form Documentary­ Ojibwe Culture Beta SP Videographer, Avid NonLinear Editing, Animation/Digital Compositing, Media Streaming Support, Project Management. Awarded a Midwest Regional Emmy for this work.

7/97­ – 1/99: Parthé Productions

Field/Line Producer – ­Director,Media Technical

Editing­ Tape, NonLinear, Digital Audio, Digital Compositing, Graphic Design, New Media, Website Design and Construction, Electronic Client Support

Other Duties: Location Support, Location/Studio Sound Recording and Editing, Lighting, Grip, Script Supervision, Project fulfillment, Pre­ and Post­ Production Support.

9/90 – ­3/97: Pro Video Productions

Location Support, Location/Studio Sound Recording and Editing, Lighting, Grip, Script Supervision, Project fulfillment, Pre and Post Production Support.

5/86 – ­8/90: Technical Director / Resident Company Member / House Manager Dudley Riggs Comedy Theater (Mpls)

Improvisation and Comedy Writing, Set / Sound / Lighting Design, Nightly House Management. Tour Advancement, Media Production


University of Minnesota Duluth, St. Paul

Technical Theater, Interdisciplinary Studies, Vocational and Technical Education — 1983­ – 2008

College of St. Scholastica, Duluth

Computer Science — 2009­-2014, in progress.

Highlighted MOOC:

Kevin Werbach, Coursera Gamification Fall 2012

I’m lucky and driven enough to have taken the opportunity to actually work in the fields of my interest rather than pursue them on a traditional higher education path. While I continue to work at earning a degree, I haven’t found it a priority for employment purposes. I truly represent the oncoming wave of credential seekers and lifelong learners who are yearning  to communicate their skills, aptitudes and masteries ­ how ever they’ve been achieved.


Rob MacKay, Software Engineer – Ellucian

William Schwalbe, Internet Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Patrice Bradley, CEO Swim Creative (Advertising/Interactive)